Octomobi.com Website Review & Ratings + Octomobi Coupons
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Octomobi.com Website Review & Ratings + Octomobi Coupons

Octomobi: Products & Services

Ever wanted to create your very own mobile website but never had the funds or the knowhow to do it? Well, with Octomobi, you could make a mobile website without any html knowledge in minutes! Using a drag-and-drop interface, Octomobi makes it so easy. And with lots of layouts to choose from, you could build a great mobile page in a snap.

Oh, I forgot to mention one very important feature - it's FREE! Of course, there is also a paid option if you want to access some premium features. If you are a businessman, a web designer, or a marketer, Octomobi is like a dream come true. If you would like to have your own personal, business, or educational mobile website, definitely check this out.

Features of Octomobi

  1. Drag-and-drop website editor (free and paid version)
  2. Cloud Hosting (free and paid version)
  3. Use own domain or subdomain (own domain for pro version only)
  4. Friendly dashboard (free and paid version)
  5. Full mobile and tablet support (free and paid version)
  6. Google Analytics (paid version only)
  7. Image Gallery (free and paid version)
  8. RSS feeds (free and paid version)
  9. Video integration (free and paid version)
  10. Social Media (free and paid version)
  11. Many more
Octomobi: Company Background

Octomobi was founded by Alex Michaelis and Karim Gargum in the summer of 2011. The goal of the company is to make creating a mobile site as easy as possible. Octomobi is able to achieve this goal by providing a drag and drop website editor. Everything is intuitive and could be easily understood. When you are creating a mobile website, you are held by the hand via Octomobi's web creator wizard. You could actually set up a mobile site in minutes.


Unit 36, 88-90 Hatton Garden
London, EC1N 8PN

Octomobi: Customer Feedback & Reviews

There are not a lot of customer testimonials to be found on the web for Octomobi since it was founded only recently. However, if you browse their website, you would find a couple of testimonials scattered about their home page. Take a look at some excerpts below:

"You guys rock! I've been telling a few people about you already" - Mark

"I really like the simplicity and clean look of your service" - Jamie

It's hard to gauge Octomobi given the scarcity of customer testimonials for the business. However, since no negative feedback could be found, it is safe to say that the business provides satisfactory service to its customers.

Personal Take

I have tried the services of Octomobi (the free version) myself and I could say that I am extremely satisfied. Their service is excellent. I don't have any html knowledge but I was able to create a simple mobile website within 10 minutes. I was able to add an intro, a content page, downloads, external links, an image gallery, social links, and even a blog.

Octomobi: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Octomobi has only been in operation for more than a year, thus it is not yet that established. It is not yet accredited or reviewed by the Better Business Bureau since it has only been operating for a short period of time. The company has not received any awards or citations. Background information about the business is also hard to find. To save Octomobi from a poor rating in business credibility, it helps that the company has not received any negative reviews from the clients.

Octomobi: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Octomobi has a global Alexa traffic rank of 249,627 and its United States traffic rank is 155,490. It has a higher rank in the United Kingdom (105,624) because it is where the site is located. Interestingly, more males aged 55 to 64 visit the website. Webstatsdomain indicates that the website of the entity has a good page rank of 4/10 and an SEO score of 12%. The estimated value of the website is 2.992.

For the complete Alexa report, click here.

For the complete Webstatsdomain report, click here.

Octomobi: Social Media Presence

Octomobi has an average social media presence. It has a Twitter account which has a total of 16,540 followers. 1.275 tweets, and and is following 10,613 other individuals. The company also has a Facebook account but only has 2 flimsy likes. Octomobi has a well managed blog that provides decent tutorials on how to make a mobile website. The entity does not have a Google+ or a MySpace account.

Visit the blog of the company by clicking here.

Follow the business on Twitter by clicking here.

Click here to like the company on Facebook.

Octomobi: Website Security & Safety

Octomobi is not listed as suspicious by Google Safebrowsing. No malware or spyware has been found when the pages of the website were tested by Google. Webutation has given the website a 100% trust rating, since it was labeled as safe by Norton Safebrowsing and Website Antivirus and is also G-rated. When presenting payment information, Octomobi leads customers to an encrypted web page that is verified by Verisign Inc. This makes it hard for hackers to steal confidential information.

For the complete Google diagnostic, click here.

For the complete Webutation report, click here.

Octomobi: Pricing & Packages

Octomobi provides a free mobile web hosting service (without any time limit) as well as a paid web hosting service. The free hosting service gives the client basic features like the drag and drop website creator. The Pro version which costs $9 a month or $95 a year if paid yearly has the following additional features:

  1. Own domain name
  2. No "Powered by Octomobi" in webpages
  3. Google Analytics integration
  4. Up to 15 content pages and external links
  5. 100 gallery images
  6. Premium support

Octomobi also gives you the option of hiring an expert to build a mobile website for you. All of the features of the Pro version are in this package. The cost is $299 for the first year, and $95 for the succeeding years.

Octomobi: Shipping Rates & Policies

Octomobi is able to offer its services to countries all over the world. This is possible because the business does not sell any tangible products. This means that shipping is of course free. Once you sign up for an account, you would automatically be able to avail of the mobile web hosting service of the company without waiting for a number of days. All subscribers would receive an email from the company if the subscription is received and approved.

Octomobi: Payment Methods Accepted

Octomobi keeps its payment method fairly simple and limits its payment options to four, namely:

  1. Visa
  2. American Express
  3. Master Card
  4. PayPal

Credit cards and PayPal are the normal payment modes supported by web hosting companies. Octomobi does not add anything special here. Checks, money orders, wire transfers, bank drafts and any other payment mode not included above are not supported. These payment modes don't matter anyway if you availed of the free service of the business.

Octomobi: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

For Octomobi, all fees are non-refundable, in whole or in part, even if the service availed by the client is suspended, cancelled or transferred prior to the end of the then-current service term. The company does not oblige the client to pay any fees during the trial or free period as and when it is made available to the clients by the company. The client is prohibited from using the website once unsubscribed from the service. It is recommended that clients try out the free version first before upgrading to Pro. I am currently using the free version and it works great.

Octomobi: Product images & screenshots
Octomobi Coupons
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